Sri Lanka government experimenting with new petrol

Potato prices have rocketed in Sri Lanka too...

Sri Lanka government experimenting with new petrol

SRI LANKA’S government is experimenting with a new type of petrol for bikes and trikes in order to provide an alternative to rocketing fuel prices.

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga said the national Ceylon Petroleum Corporation had been carrying out tests and experiments which had so far been successful.

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In a speech he stated that, although the government or he didn’t necessarily like the recent increase of fuel prices, tough decisions must be made to find solutions for issues.

He says that they believe the new type of petrol which they are experimenting on for to be introduced for three-wheelers and motorcycles is highly likely to be successful.

He requested the co-operation of the newly appointed engineers for the betterment of the company, by combining their new ideas with new technology.