Speedway bike clears safety fence into crowd

Bikes and riders fly 30 feet through the air into crowds. Two teenagers taken to hospital

FANS were sent scattering at the weekend when a speedway bike smashed into the safety fence and was then hurled into the watching crowd.The horrific incident happened in Berwick on Saturday as the four riders piled into the first turn at Shielfield Park in Tweedmouth at the start of heat seven.

Berwick's Scott Smith and the Isle of Wight's Paul Fry locked handlebars before smashing into the wooden safety fence, demolishing three of its panels.

Fry flew 30 feet through the air and landed at the feet of stunned
spectators, he got away lightly, suffering broken toes and ligament damage to his knee.

Smith's bike flipped over the three-foot-high fence before hitting two
teenagers and knocking them to the ground. 16-year-old Craig Sykes was left with a suspected broken collarbone and shoulder injuries, while his 14-year-old girlfriend, who has not been named, received head injuries.

Track medical staff spent 90 minutes treating the youngsters at the scene, before they were taken to hospital by ambulance. A third man received treatment from paramedics.