Soldiers save injured teenage biker's life

Lucky escape for young motorcyclist thanks to quick-thinking trio

A TEENAGE MOTORCYCLIST who crashed into the back of an articulated trailer survived horrific injuries thanks to three trained paramedics who were onboard the lorry at the time of the crash.

Jake Fletcher, 16, from Exeter, Devon, ploughed into the rear of a truck being used by the Army for HGV driver training. The impact left the teenager with badly broken bones in both legs and collarbone.

Luckily, the vehicle Jake ran into was carrying three medically-trained soldiers who immediately administered first aid to the stricken teenager.

Sergeant Major Rich Clements, Sergeant Nick Trivett and Sergeant Darren Dowle took care of Jake until ambulance staff arrived on the scene.

Sergeant Major Clements, 39, a veteran of Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq, said: ”Jake’s body flew the length of the lorry and his bike went another half a length again. His leg was wrapped up around his body.

”It was a very nasty sight but we are trained to deal with that kind of thing. He was lucky not to have been killed. The most important thing was keeping him still as he kept trying to move.

”We gave him reassurance. He knew he was badly hurt and started screaming out in pain. The paramedic told us that if it wasn’t for us being there, he probably would have died.”

Jake’s mum, Melissa, said : ”I have told Jake that he will never ride a motorbike again as long as he lives under my roof."