So when exactly will the paper licence counterpart be scrapped? Don't ask the DVLA

January 1 is not 2015, says DVLA

THE DVLA has ‘sent out corrections’ after telling newspapers that motorists could destroy their paper licence counterparts in 2015.

A release from the DVLA earlier this week said: ‘In 2015, DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence… those drivers who already have a counterpart may destroy it.’ A number of news sources subsequently reported that the changes come into effect on January 1, including the MailOnline and Bristol Post.

Now the DVLA has issued clarification that the counterpart will be scrapped at a date yet to be set in 2015, a detail not mentioned in the earlier release.

The agency said: ‘The timings around the abolition of the paper counterpart are under discussion, but we can confirm that no changes will come into effect over the busy festive season.’

A DVLA spokeswoman told Visordown: 'There’s a difference between January 1 and 2015.

‘Corrections are being sent out,’ she added.  

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