Sidecar sales booming. No, we hadn’t noticed either

Sales up a third in a year for British sidecar maker Watsonian

NOTICED the growing number of sidecar outfits on the road? No, neither have we. But apparently it’s happening.

While the rest of the industry manages decline, British sidecar maker Watsonian has seen sales rise by a third in a year.

The firm reports that sales from March to August were 30% higher this year than last.

Watsonian, which has been making sidecars since 1912, says recent fitments include a 1950s BSA Golden Flash, Harley-Davidson Sportster, Triumph Bonneville and Suzuki Burgman. Yes, a Suzuki Burgman.

Sales director Ben Matthews said: “We've recently experienced a resurgence of interest in our Monza sidecar. It's been in continuous production since the 1950s, when its was considered very modern, and seems to have come back into vogue.”

A new Watsonian sidecar model is due to be unveiled at the NEC motorcycle show this November.

The firm says the majority of new business is coming from Britain but it’s also benefiting from emerging markets after establishing a distributor in Indonesia.