See the AJP PR7 in action

Here's a video of the new AJP PR7 being put through its paces

AJP has just released a short teaser video showing its new bike, the PR7, in action as it blazes along a woodland trail.

AJP calls the PR7 an adventure tourer with an off-road bike at its core. Although the clip ends with the words ‘Work in progress’, based on this short video, it looks like the PR7 is coming along nicely.

AJP announced the PR7 at the end of November, although it was shown as a prototype at the Cologne show in 2014. We know that it’s powered by a 600cc single-cylinder engine made by SWM, will come with Sachs suspension and weighs a claimed 165kg.

It’s due to go on sale in the UK in September and will cost around £7k.

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