Scottish whisky brand building bespoke Ducati

This is going to be AWESOME!

WHISKY AND CUSTOM bike building goes together like wine and smelly cheese.

So it’s no surprise that Islay single malt Scotch brand Smokehead has teamed up with a motorcycle engineer in order to to create a bespoke Ducati, to be known as The Smoker.

Tyler Lunceford is originally from America, and owns a workshop in Brooklyn, but has recently opened a second shop in Leith, Scotland, where he will build the bike.

Drawing inspiration from vintage racing bikes, it will be the ‘Ducati Whisperer’s’ ‘boldest motorcycle ever’. Its creation will be documented through an online video series, before the completed bike is unveiled in September.

Lunceford said: “I’m excited to be involved with Smokehead. I love the idea of this brand supporting craftsmen and women, and it’s even better as I’m a huge Smokehead whisky fan.

“Motorcyclists have an identity; they feel independent and different from other people. When you find something you like, such as a bold, smoky, outrageous whisky that is not for everyone, it gives you a sense of belonging when it is for you.

“I’m literally building my dream bike; it will be something that’s never been seen before, something so bold that even motorbike buffs will be blown away. It won’t be easy, but it’s a great opportunity to make something really special.”

Watch the first episode of The Smoker collaboration above.