Scotland's Answer to ULEZ is Much More Biker Friendly

A new Scottish LEZ (Low Emission Zone) is being introduced in several cities and is comparable to the London ULEZ

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in London

Scottish LEZ (Low Emission Zone) zones are being introduced to a number of cities in the country beginning later this month.

The LEZ is about reducing the amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air. It has already been introduced in Glasgow last year but is set to be expanded over three more cities in the coming weeks. 

In Glasgow, any petrol vehicle meeting Euro4 standards and any diesel vehicle meeting Euro6 standards - as well as electric vehicles - can enter the zone. Breaching the rules gets  £60 fine, reduced by 50 per cent if paid within 14 days. The severity of the fine doubles with each breach: £120 for the second, £240 for the third, and £480 for the fourth. A fifth breach would still be £480. Early payment of fines from the second offence onwards are not subject to any reduction in the fine amount.

The first of the new cities to introduce the LEZ will be Dundee on 30 May, where the area within the A991 Inner Ring Road - excluding the ell Street, West Marketgait NCP, and Wellgate car parks - will be subject to the LEZ. 

Heather Anderson, convener of the Dundee Council’s climate, environment and biodiversity department said: “This is a major change in the way people will access areas of the city within the Inner Ring Road, but we must remember that only the worst polluting vehicles will be excluded and there is still time for people to make changes before enforcement starts.

“Information on the support that is available for households and businesses to help them meet the LEZ requirements is available on our website.”
Afterwards, on 1 June, Aberdeen and the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, will also introduce the LEZ. 

The northern boundary of the Aberdeen zone, which covers an area in the centre of the city, is Skene Street, School Hill, Upper Kirkgate and Littlejohn Street. North Street and Commerce Street mark the eastern boundary. Virginia Street, Guild Street, College Street, and Willowbank Road are the southern boundary markers. Finally, Rose Street, Thistle Street, and Holborn Street are the boundary markers on the western side.

Edinburgh’s zone is larger than Aberdeen’s. It circles the city centre from Tollcross in the south to Palmerston Place in the west, along Queen Street to Picardy Place, around Abbeyhill and onto Holyrood Road, along the Pleasance in the east, before heading back along the Meadows to Tollcross. The boundary itself is not included within the zone.

The RAC reports that the LEZ will prevent access to these cities of 1,078,580 vehicles currently registered in Scotland.

On the positive side for bikers, none of those vehicles are motorcycles, since, according to the Glasgow City Council website, “motorcycles and mopeds are unaffected by LEZ schemes in Scotland.”

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