Sadiq Khan plans to increase London Congestion charge

As well as increasing the congestion charge, the London Mayor also plans to increase fares for commuters across the city

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IN a move that will cause frustration to many London dwellers, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan plans to increase the congestion charge for riding and driving in central London along with a raft of other price hikes for commuters.

The changes are slated to come into force from June 2020 and will see those riding and driving in London playing more to drive in the capital as well as extending the hours during which they apply.

What will the new congestion charges be?

Currently, the congestion charge is £11.50 per day and is only applied between 7 am and 6 pm on a weekday. The Mayor's new plan, announced this week, will see people now paying £15 per day, and the hours increase to 10 pm. The change will also see the charge apply seven days a week, a move that will likely see many weekend visitors to the city put off from travelling there by independent means.

While the 30% price hike is likely to hit trades hard, there are also a number of people that like to visit the capital on a weekend on classic bikes that are going to be unhappy with the new charging structure.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told MailOnline:

"The Labour Mayor of London seems to be doing everything he can to sabotage the capital's economic recovery from the Covid-crisis.

“First it was a lack of public transport services in cahoots with his union paymasters and now this. This risks forcing more people on to the Tube and increasing the rate of infection again.

“What is Khan thinking? Londoners might wonder whose side he's on.”

There is a petition currently running on to try and bring the change to the attention of the government. To sign the petition, currently on 8,400 signatures, head to the weblink below.