Road safety improvements the goal of Devitt's partnership with BikeSafe, DocBike

Three UK motorcycle organisations - Devitt, BikeSafe and DocBike - have partnered to create a new booklet to help improve road safety for bikers.

"Why Motorcyclists Crash" poster. - Devitt

Devitt has partnered with DocBike and BikeSafe in order to new resources to help keep bikers' road safety in the UK. 

The partnership between Devitt (motorcycle insurance specialists); BikeSafe - a police-run motorcycle initiative aimed at promoting post-test training - and DocBike, who help to get trauma doctors and critical care paramedics on motorcycles and to motorcycle incidents where they are needed; has seen the three work together to try to improve road safety for UK bikers.

The result is a new 14-page pocket-size booklet called “Why Motorcyclists Crash and How to Prevent it Happening to You”.

The booklet is intended, ultimately, to help UK motorcyclists understand how they can help reduce the current figure of six bikers who are killed or seriously injured per week on the country’s roads

It includes “practical diagrams and easy-to-read advice [which] make this an invaluable resource for all motorcyclists, no matter how experienced,” Devitt says.

You will be able to find the booklet at events held by DocBike and BikeSafe, while Devitt will “also be offering a limited number of free booklets to UK training schools for distribution to new riders,” Devitt says. 

Ian Mew, Docbike Trustee, said: "This leaflet combines decades of experience of attending bike accidents and understanding why bikers crash, alongside knowledge of emergency motorcycle riding techniques and how to be the most skillful rider on the roads. 

“DocBike research shows that up to 80% of biker deaths and serious injuries can be avoided, regardless of fault, by having the sort of awareness that this leaflet brings. We hope that this booklet goes some way to giving bikers the awareness needed to really get the most of out of riding whilst being less likely to crash."

Tom Warsop, Devitt Marketing Director: “We’re pleased to collaborate on this project with our existing partners DocBike and BikeSafe. 

“We all share common goals to promote safe riding and ongoing additional training for motorcyclists, so we’re excited about getting this booklet in front of as many motorcyclists as possible.”

If you are a training school who wishes to stock Why Motorcyclists Crash and How to Prevent it Happening to You, you can contact Devitt here.

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