Off-road motorcycle registration plan rejected, sparks theft growth concerns

A campain to make registration for off-road motorcycles mandatory in an effort to deter potential thieves has fallen through 

Off-road motorcycle registration plan rejected, sparks theft growth concerns

Plans to introduce a form of mandatory registration for off-road motorcycles has been rejected, raising claims not enough is being done to prevent machines from being stolen with few options to track them down.

Motorcycle theft remains a prevalent threat in the community but two-wheelers used primarily for off-road use and competition are considered more vulnerable because there is no legal requirement for them to be registered.

As such, if and when they are stolen, there are fewer cast-iron methods of identifying a stolen one, especially from CCTV or through tracking. Indeed, though registration processes can be laborious and potential admin charge pricey, many consider it to be a price worth paying to help deter thieves from attempting to lift one.

According to specialist off-road motorcycling website TMX, The ruling was confirmed by Rachel Maclean MP that there is no legal requirement for vehicles that are used off-road to be registered. In 1994, the DVLA introduced a voluntary scheme to register them and there were hopes a similar scheme would help drive costs down.

“As we gradually get back to normal after the last year or so, the confirmation that there are no plans to make the registration of off-road vehicles mandatory is welcomed,” said ACU Chairman Roy Humphrey.

“We do have the threat of illegal off-road riding that plights the image of our sport but disciplinary action in the form of a licence suspension is taken against anyone notified by local police forces to the ACU for riding illegally off-road.”