Rider falls 250ft off California cliff and lives...

Matthew Murray went off in cliff into a ravine but is still alive

Rider falls 250ft off California cliff and lives...

Californian Matthew Murray fell 250 feet off a cliff when something happened to his Yamaha but lived to tell the tale.

The 27-year-old was in the Santa Monica mountains when he veered to the side of the road and went off the edge, falling 250 feet down a ravine.

After a couple of minutes, Murray found he was able to get up but couldn't get down to his bike, so clambered uphill but went into shock.

"It processed immediately in my head that, you're going to die," he said. "They just said people have to fight or flight, or whatever it is, and I just decided to fight. Honestly, my legs were done so I just kind of crawled up, and once I made it to the top I just collapsed."

He was found by driver who called the Caligornia Highway Patrol.