RGNT to attempt electric motorcycle ice speed record this weekend

RGNT Motorcycles has announced it will attempt to break the speed record on ice for an electric motorcycle this weekend in Sweden.

RGNT Aurora project poster

RGNT has announced a new project in which it aims to set the world record speed for an electric motorcycle on ice.

RGNT is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles from Sweden. As the home of the only winter round of the World Rally Championship, Sweden is well-known for the icy conditions that can form in the winter, although RGNT will be competing on a large, frozen lake rather than an iced-over gravel forest road to achieve their record.

And there is not too long to wait for the first attempt, either, as it will take place this weekend on 24-25 February 2023, during the SMA-sanctioned (Svenska Motorsport Alliansen) Speed Weekend in Årsunda.

The bike RGNT is hoping will take the record will be ridden by Timmy Eriksson, who is an engineer at RGNT. The bike itself is a modified RGNT No. 1 Classic SE.

The modifications focus on maximising the power output (understandable), and the maximum is now 30kW (40 horsepower) compared to the 21kW of the standard bike. The bike also has spiked tyres to bite into the ice, and a lightweight, streamlined fairing has been developed from concept designs of “a future RGNT racer model,” RGNT says.

Weight has also been cut, with the record-attempting bike weighing in at 160kg.

A standard version of the RGNT No.1 Classic SE will also be raced this weekend in Årsunda, which will be attempting to set the record for stock electric bikes on ice.

Visit the RGNT website to find out more.

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