Record double front-flip attempt ends badly

Attempt at first ever successful landing doesn't go to plan

AN attempt to execute the first successful landing of a double front-flip has ended badly.

Bruce Cook of Kelowna, Canada, attempted to pull off the stunt at the Nitro Circus live tour during its first-ever Canadian event in Hamilton, Ontario, on Friday night.

Cook landed heavily on the back wheel during his second rotation, throwing him off the bike.

After undergoing three hours of back surgery, Cook will now have to spend another week in hospital in Ontario before returning home.

Again, thank you so much for all the support and positive messages. My mum and dad are here with me and helping keep spirits high,” said Cook.

Although Cook did multiple foam pit practice jumps, he told ESPN before his attempt that he had never even tried a single front flip before coming up with the idea.

Watch the video here.