Potential electrical fault prompts recall of popular novice-friendly machine

HONDA IS recalling certain models of the CBF600 Naked, Naked ABS, S and S ABS because of a potential electrical system problem which could cause a short circuit on the bike.

Each registered owner of the motorcycles concerned will be contacted directly by Honda which says that the work will be carried out by a Honda dealer at no charge.

The bikes affected have the following serial numbers:

CBF600N8 - type F - ZDCPC43E*8F001109 with ZDCPC43E*8F013558
CBF600NA8 - type F - ZDCPC43F*8F001119 with ZDCPC43F*8F011851

CBF600SA8 - type F - ZDCPC43B*8F000889 with ZDCPC43B*8F018118