Re-imagining the portrayal of women in motorcycling

New York artist’s antidote to the bikini bike wash

GRID girls. Gender equality. Discuss.

An artist is tackling what she sees as casual misogyny in biking, with a photo project intended to ‘re-imagine the visual portrayal of women within motorcycle culture’.

Brooklyn-based Grace Roselli ‘wanted get away from the bikini bike wash, dude’s trophy girl posed on trophy bike, casually misogynistic mindset and flattened out depictions of the epic storm that is female’.

She’s certainly done that. We think.

The artist and motorcyclist says on her website: ‘Female motorcycle ownership is at an all-time high and growing. I created The Naked Bike Project to reimagine the visual portrayal of women within our contemporary motorcycle culture. The images, simultaneously provocative and natural, allow each rider to be herself on her own terms as a fearless individual.’

See more pictures from the project here.


Yeah right. Motorcycle sport has 99% male competitors, umbrella/grid girls and zero % gay competitors. So this artist changes things by draping women over bikes with some gratuitous nipple shots! Job done! Erm....
I've no problem with nudity or the female form, but I know well that the 'phwoar' factor remains strong in motorcycling.
Rugby, traditionally the most masculine of sports, seems to have got past homophobia and its close relation, sexism, to some extent. Whilst motorcycling and football seem stuck on a different page altogether. Sad, really.

BubbaDaytona's picture

walk into any gay leather bar, looks like the apparel section of a Harley dealership.
Ironically, some idiots think motorcycles impress women. If I were a woman, I'd keep many miles away from the motorcycle culture stuck in the 1950s.

At least the moronic tats are sex[ism]less.

duck51's picture

What a load of shite. Women who actually ride, will I am sure laugh at this as much as I am. Ms Rosselli probably drives her BMW/Audi to her Arty farty job and is exploiting women who use two wheels for another project/article while having little knowledge of the reality of riding.

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