Rate this ride: Suzuki DR650 urban-scrambler

Visordown takes a closer look at a custom 2012 Suzuki DR650 urban scrambler built by Parr motorcycles, Indiana.

2012 Suzuki DR650

The Suzuki DR650 has been in production for three decades. Thanks to this long build run the DR has cemented itself in the hearts of riders all over the globe who are happy to modify and customise their large capacity dual-sport machine into something unique. And with an abundance of aftermarket parts, they are almost spoilt for choice. 

Spencer Parr of Parr Motorcycles, Indiana, is a bit of a DR650 addict, previously building a 2003 model as a Supermoto coined the ‘Retro-Moto’ (see below), as it was styled after the classic RM400. For his most recent project, Spencer transformed a 2012 DR650 into an urban scrambler, combining classic retro style with modern reliability and performance.

“I already knew going into the build I was going to make an urban scrambler that was easy to ride but performed at the highest level,” commented Parr. 

In his one man shop, Parr stripped down the DR and rebuilt the subframe - no surprises there. The minimalist subframe now exposes the Race Spring equipped Cogent shock absorber and foam air filter, helping to give the bike a classic retro feel. Cunningly, Parr tucked the all the electronics under the seat pan which gives the rear of the bike a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. 

The front end is lifted from a 2007 RMZ450 with the internals being replaced with Racetech springs. Also, a Scott’s steering damper was squeezed in above the forks to improve stability. 

The 644cc single-cylinder thumper was near mint (clocking only 3000 miles) so it didn't need any internal work, but to improve fueling Parr fitted a Keihin FCR39 carb. He also fabricated an intricate polished exhaust pipe that works its way through the frame and exits just above the rear fender.

“Since retro builds seem to be my thing, the design concept for this bike comes from a ‘70s Suzuki TS,” said Parr.

The TS series (see above) was Suzuki’s first dual-sport aimed at the masses, and it’s clear to see how its 1973 to 1975 colour scheme provided the inspiration for Parr’s latest DR build. 

With the classic paint scheme comes a modern LED headlight and turn signals, and a Motogadget mini gauge fixed to BRP risers, with the bike sitting on Shinko 705 tires and Warp 9 Racing wheels. The large 19” front wheel and 17” rear give the DR a legitimate scrambler stance.  

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