Rarest of the rare: Record-breaking Honda NR 750 is mint in black

The almost mythical Honda NR 750 is certainly a rare beast making this immaculate 8,000km version in France something of a find...

Honda NR750

Are there any motorcycles in the world that represented the boom and bust era of the early 90s better than the limited edition Honda NR 750, a delicious lesson in record-breaking excess that made no sense other than for being badass?

With an of-its-time look that couldn’t have been more 90s than if it came dressed in a leopard print leggings and a Kangol hat popping a pill at an illegal rave, the NR 750 was more of an example of what Honda ‘could’ do more than it ‘should’.

In statistics, the Honda NR 750 (New Racing) - with its four oval pistons, 32 valves and piloted ignition - may have generated a fairly modest 125hp but was featherlight enough to generate four speed records during its time, exceeding 300km/h, and was brimming with 200 scientific patents after 15 years of development. 

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Still one of the closest things you can get to a GP machine for the road even 30 years on, only 322 versions of the NR750 were made in 1992, making them a collectors frothy dream.

So voila, here we have one ready for a clamour; a French registered model from 1992, the second of 20 that were imported to the country and has just one single owner that put only 8,000km on it. Minty!

All of the original accessories - keys, holder, manual, workshop clutch and tool kit - are in attendance here, while it comes in a stealthy black livery rather than the synonymous but garish red look.

Moreover, Honda recognises the love for its classic sportsbikes so one can be sure there is a workshop out there that would gladly keep it in tip top shape were it to ever be sold.

It doesn’t appear to be on sale, more an ‘advert’ just for us to appreciate. So we will, magnifique!

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