Quadrophenia spin-off ‘Being’ set to begin filming this summer

Short-film will star original cast members and you could appear in it too

THE cult 1979 film Quadrophenia looks set to be joined by spin-off short film called ‘Being’ which will be shot in London and Brighton during late summer 2016.

Being looks set to be an unofficial sequel to Quadrophenia, itself based on the rock opera of the same name by The Who.

The project is looking for £20,000 funding on Kickstarter. At the time of writing it has already received £3,585 backing, with 40 days to go.

If you've ever dreamt of living out your Quadrophenia fantasies, this looks like the perfect opportunity because for £250, you and your Mod-style scooter could appear in the final scene. Put £1,000 behind the project and you'll get a guest appearance in the film. However, backers can pledge as little as £40 to receive signed Quadrophenia merchandise. Click here to go to the Being Kickstarter page.

Mark Wingett, who played Dave in Quadrophenia, will star as one of the lead characters. The film will also start Trevor Laird, who played Ferdy in Quadrophenia.

Quadrophenia fans will be pleased to know that Being promises to make strong cultural references to the original film; along with original locations and cast members, there will also be replica scooters and clothing.

Speaking about the project, director Devlin Crow said:

‘I have always had an affinity with Quadrophenia due to growing up in Brighton and remembering the Mod gathering and scooters then. My youth and view of Brighton is fused with the film and the Mod scene. The outsider element at the core of the film focuses on young carers who battle caring for love ones, the dynamics of parent and child is upturned causing strain. Their efforts go unnoticed by the larger society.’

The film tells the story of Buddy, a young boy who is bullied at school. He cares for his mum, who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis, and finds his escape in sixties music. One day, Buddy meets Doley, an out of work actor who was in Quadrophenia, and with his girlfriend, Doley takes Buddy on a day out that he’ll never forget.

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