Promotion: Alarming bike crime rate - what every rider ought to know about motorcycle security

Protect your bike with an alarm and tracking device

Promotion: Alarming bike crime rate - what every rider ought to know about motorcycle security

IF you’ve invested your hard-earned money in a motorcycle or scooter that makes you burst with pride, then soaring bike crime rates may be making you twitchy. The most recent survey results by the National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS) revealed that more bikes are stolen in the UK than are bought new, with 80% of those being stolen from a home address.  And the situation is even worse for bike owners in the Capital.  According to the Metropolitan Police Service, London saw an enormous 44% increase in bike crime in 2016.

In our increasingly connected world, four out of five adults now own a smartphone and 87% claim to always have their smartphone at their side*. So, it makes sense to keep tabs on your motorbike from wherever you are, whenever you want, on the device of your choice.  Getting a tracking device fitted to your motorbike is hassle free and, once connected, you can track your bike’s every movement in real time.  You’ll receive instant alerts if anything out of the ordinary is detected, such as tampering, low battery, battery disconnect or un-authorised motion.  You can see your journey history and review your riding efficiency with scores for accelerating, braking, cornering, speed and mileage. And, there’s always a privacy mode option if you prefer to keep your journey private! 

But it’s not just about tracking. In 2016 motorcycle insurance reached a four-year high and looks set to increase.  By fitting a Thatcham accredited alarm and tracking device, such as the Meta Trak Defcom Trak, you may reduce your insurance premiums.  The ultimate in keeping your motorbike safe from harm, Meta Trak’s Secure Operating Centre monitors your bike continuously and the Thatcham Category 2-1 alarm adds yet another level of security.  Bear in mind that making a claim increases your insurance premium.  Occasionally your motorcycle can’t be replaced from stock or the market value may not be enough to clear finance or buy a direct replacement bike. With a Meta Trak solution installed, the majority of motorcycles are recovered quickly (within one-to-two hours) with little or no damage, which means you can be re-united with your bike and avoid making an insurance claim.

Meta Trak devices are small and their super sense location technology provides market leading tracking performance. The device is waterproof, tamperproof and has an internal back up battery.

With some of the market’s lowest subscription renewal prices and initial subscription period included in the fitted price, surely it’s time to connect and protect your motorcycle with Meta Trak.

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With over 40 years’ experience in vehicle safety, security and information systems, the Meta name has long been associated with motorcycles. Meta Trak is the OE supplier to Yamaha Motors and also offers a range of Yamaha Trak solutions.

*Google micro moments survey