PornHub teams with Italian e-bike company for ‘free ride’ scheme

Adult streaming video service PornHub teams up with Italian e-bike sharing company MiMoto for a 'free ride' scheme in Italy

PornHub MiMoto

Sustainability, environmentally friendly, economical are all buzzwords frequently trotted out in marketing meetings around the world, but we have to say we weren’t quite expecting them to be associated with porn.

However, PornHub - the world’s largest adult streaming video website - is still a business with a product to promote and given there are rather obvious limits to how it can use its very specific content to transcend more family-friendly platforms, it has become known for its unusual crossover strategies.

Recently it made its Premium service free in Italy to lessen the pressure of lockdown during the coronavirus crisis (so to speak) as well as promote BeeSexual videos to promote the protection of bees. That said, it has also been called out for not better regulating some allegedly shady practices by its huge community on there.

Nonetheless, its latest initiative has been borne out of a desire to promote sustainability through green transportation, though we do wonder if the scheme - called Free Ride - probably started with the name and worked backwards.

Teaming up with MiMoto, you can hire one of its e-bikes in Italy for 15mins using a PornHub code, albeit for this weekend only. It’s a small gesture but a pleasurable one… ahem.

"Pornhub thought that offering a free ride on our scooters could be a good way to bring people together in a different way.

“Taking part in this collaboration with Pornhub. Green mobility represents the future of mobility. The partnership between a green sharing service and the most important company in the adult entertainment sector is a perfect example of how society can come together to change paradigms and evolve in a responsible way, also by uniting two companies with such different contents.”