Police to use drones to tackle anti-social motorcycle crime

The drones will be used alongside other methods to track and identify offenders


POLICE IN COUNTY DURHAM will use drones to track anti-social off-road motorcyclists, it has been revealed.

In a meeting of Darlington Borough Council, Durham Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner Ron Hogg announced that next year will see “a totally new approach” to the issue which is prevalent in the community, particularly near the River Skerne.

He claimed that alongside education, media campaigns and improved community intelligence, the plan was for police to start using drones to track and identify offenders.

DNA spray is also on the agenda, allowing officers to mark suspected illegal and antisocial scrambler bikes, as well as at two-wheelers involved in other crimes.

The DNA spray marks the bikes, clothing and skin of any riders and passengers with an invisible, uniquely-coded DNA that will provide forensic evidence to link them to a specific crime.

Hogg said: “Off-road motorcycles is an ongoing problem and continues to be addressed. It remains a main target for the Neighbourhood Policing team in Darlington.”