Police in twitter row after posting picture of child pillion passenger

Force warns rider and tweets picture to ‘make others think twice’

POLICE have become involved in a Twitter row after posting this picture of child pillion to ‘highlight’ the matter and ‘make others think twice’

Washwood Heath Police in Birmingham tweeted the picture saying: ‘Officers have advised this male rider regarding the suitability of his passenger, who couldn't even reach the pegs!’

Twitter uses have attacked the decision to post the shot and asked police to explain what law was broken.

Responding to the suggestion that it must have been a ‘slow crime day,’ the force tweeted: ‘A slow crime day has nothing to do with it really, this is about road safety and highlighting this to other people…

‘Neither person is identifiable and the person was dealt with by way of advice and hopefully other people will think twice.’

Alan Haskins wrote: ‘Think twice? What laws had he broken then?’

The force responded: ‘The rider is legally responsible for ensuring that the passenger is safely supported, Section 23(3) Road Traffic Act 1988

Any passenger must be carried in a manner so that no danger is caused, or likely to be caused, to any person on vehicle/road.

‘Also an offence which covers using a vehicle and the manner which passengers are being carried may involve danger of injury.’

Haskins said: ‘Looks like the girl can reach the footrests. Surely just a quiet word rather than tweeting the pic would be a nicer move?’

Police replied: ‘It may look like she can in the photo but in reality she couldn't. He was lucky officers only gave him advice on the roadside.’

Another twitter user wrote: ‘Dunno whose idea it was for this force to post these tweets but not [a] smart idea. Very unprofessional.’

What do you think? Did the police do the right thing?