Police operation aims to reduce SMIDSY crashes

Drivers told to look twice at junctions in national motorcycle safety campaign

Police operation aims to reduce SMIDSY crashes

DRIVERS are being told to take an extra look at junctions as part of a national police campaign to improve motorcycle safety.

Extra motorcycle patrols are speaking to drivers as well as riders in an effort to reduce bike collisions, many of which happen at junctions, police have said.

It's a phenomenon known all too well by experienced motorcyclists as a SMIDSY crash, standing for "Sorry mate, I didn't see you," the first words drivers often say after pulling out without looking properly.

Extra patrols are out this week in Hampshire and Thames Valley force areas as part of a national campaign, according to a statement on the operation.

The statement from Hampshire Police said: ‘Saving a life could be as simple as taking one extra look at a junction.

‘That is the message from road policing officers across Hampshire and the Thames Valley this week as they take action to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed on our roads.’

The statement said extra bike patrols would be 'speaking to both motorcyclists and drivers' adding: ‘Motorcyclists will be urged to avoid taking unnecessary risks and drivers will be encouraged to take just one extra look at junctions, where many collisions occur with motorcyclists.’

Road Safety Sergeant Rob Heard said: “Many collisions with motorcycles occur at junctions and we all need to make sure we look out for approaching motorcycles, which may merge into the background as they approach.

“Motorists just need to give themselves a little extra time to look out for motorcycles, while riders need to make sure they ride safely and not take unnecessary risks.

“This is not about us targeting one group of road users, we are simply reminding people of the potential dangers and hope that both riders and motorists will look out for each other.”

Sergeant Rob Heard