Police hide in bushes to catch speeders

Police officers in Scotland are accused of unfair and dangerous tactics in catching speeders hidden amongst trees and bushes

POLICE officers have been accused of 'unfair' tactics by lurking amongst trees and hiding to trap speeding motorists.

The policemen aim the speed gun at approaching motorists from behind trees and bushes on the A91 in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, then jump from out of the foliage to catch-out motorists in a move that has been branded potentially hazardous.

Critics believe that catching speeders through this method put themselves and other road users at risk as alarmed motorists slam on their brakes after spotting the officer.

The images of the police are visible on the Daily Mail's website.

Chief examiner for the IAM Motoring trust, Peter Rodger, told the tabloid: "Speed enforcement should be about preventing people breaking the speed limit. People tend not to like when police officers are sneaky and there is always an argument that it is better to prevent than to cure.

"While I can understand the frustration of officers trying to enforce it, hiding in order to catch them leads many drivers to mistrust the enforcement process."