Police appeal to find rider who keeps setting off cameras like this

Honda CRF rider reported 45 times since May

Police appeal to find rider who keeps setting off cameras like this

POLICE are appealing for help in identifying a Honda CRF rider who keeps pulling wheelies past speed cameras.

The rider has been reported 45 times since May and ‘activated a number of cameras across Sheffield’ with ‘wheelies at speeds between 50 and 80mph,’ South Yorkshire Police said.

A number of tactics used to pursue and catch the rider have failed, according to the force.

Now police need the public to help identify the rider to prevent further danger, the force said.

The bike’s been seen on the A616 Stocksbridge bypass, the A6135 around Chapeltown and the A61 in the north of Sheffield.

The force said in a statement: ‘Can you help officers identify the rider of this motorbike whose driving has been reported more than 45 times since May this year?

‘The motorbike, which is believed to be a Honda CRF, has activated a number of cameras across Sheffield where the rider can be seen doing wheelies at speeds between 50 and 80mph…

‘Officers have attempted to pursue the rider and a number of tactics have been used to try and stop the rider.

‘They are now asking members of the public to help identify the rider in a bid to prevent further dangerous driving.

‘Do you recognise the rider? Can you help officers identify them?’

Anyone with information is asked to email info@safetycamera.org.


Comfysofa's picture

While im not a fan of the BikeLife mob as it seems more like a front for scooter hoodies to carry out their less the legal business of knicking stuff this does kinda make me laugh a little....

Im guessing he's not going to injure anyone but himself but that seems highly unlikey as he looks like he knows how to handle a bike, and it seems a bit sour grapes on the Police's front as a. they cant catch him and b. how fucking much fucking revenue have they lost...i bet that bites more than any statement of "to prevent further danger......"

That's exactly how I look at it. The police want others to do their job. The only danger I see this rider doing is to himself!

Perhaps if the state was not so down on bikes and bikers there would be support, but currently there is nothing for example a 'bike ion general under 600cc uses less fuel than a car, but a small car pays no RFT yet a bike does, a bike takes up less parking area, but some places want a bike to pay the same as a car to park, need I go one. When the authorities play the game with bikers then perhaps bikers may play the game with the state!

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