Plans for kerbs between roundabout lanes halted

MAG claims victory over ‘hazardous’ new roundabout initiative

THE Motorcycle Action Group says it has halted plans for kerbs between lanes on UK roundabouts, which posed a threat to motorcycle safety.

The Department for Transport and Beford Council have suspended plans for a so-called turbo roundabout which could have set a precedent for more, according to the riders' rights groups.

A MAG statement said it followed ‘months of campaigning’.

The aim of the Dutch-style turbo roundabout was to slow traffic while allowing cyclists to use shared footpaths and cross lanes using zebra crossings. The Bedford plan was backed by national cycling group CTC.

MAG policy advisor Dr Leon Mannings said: “We instantly saw that such a scheme would create new hazards for riders that could cause serious or fatal injuries. Far from reducing risks, it would massively increase them - and probably for cyclists too.  Raised kerbs between lanes on bends are a dangerous obstacle for all two wheelers."