Piaggio Group files patent for courtesy lights on bikes

Patents from the Piaggio group show a new type of courtesy light that will illuminate the ground beneath the bike while parking

A courtesy light patent on a motorcycle

NEW patents filed by the Piaggio group show that the firm is working on a new time of courtesy light, used to illuminate the ground under the bike while it is being parked.

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Systems such as this are wide-spread in the four-wheeled world, with manufacturers of luxury cars using them to illuminate the ground under the door. In cars the lights are mounted on the underside of the door, generally nearest to the end that meets the B-pillar. The idea is to give the driver or passenger a clear view of the ground just outside the door before they need to step out.

The system shown in the new patents from Piaggio shows a different take on the idea. The first design is a system fitted to a heavy-weight Moto Guzzi touring bike – although it could be applied to any large capacity motorcycle. The system includes two sets of lights, one lighting the ground directly beneath the rider's footpeg, and one below the passengers.

In this situation, the lights would not only allow you to check whether or not you are about to land your foot in a puddle or not, but they’d also allow the rider to check the condition of the ground before extending the bike’s side-stand – very handy on a 250kg plus motorcycle!

The second image shows the system fitted to a small capacity scooter. In this setting they are only used to light up the ground under the running boards of the bike. This may sound like overkill for a scooter, but it might actually prove quite handy. Scooter running boards are fairly wide and as they are solid, it’s impossible to see through them. Having an indication of the surface below could help prevent an embarrassing slip while stepping off your bike, I’m sure there are plenty of well-heeled scooter riders who can appreciate that!