PC's letter helps 117mph biker escape ban

Scottish Policewoman writes letter of support to magistrates over speeding motorcyclist

A LETTER from a police officer to a senior Scottish magistrate has helped a speeding 117mph motorcyclist escape a driving ban.

David McCafferty, 32, of Dulnain Bridge, pleaded guilty to careless driving by overtaking a line of vehicles at an AVERAGE speed of 117mph, in June 2009.

McCafferty had been previously accused of dangerous driving but magistrates at Inverness Sheriff Court accepted his guilty plea to the reduced charge.

This morning's BBC News reports, a letter from PC Helen Taylor, who helped McCafferty run a club for young motorbike enthusiasts, was handed in to the Sheriff of the court during the trial.

The letter detailed McCafferty's help to organise a trip for youngsters to Durham Mini-Moto Club last year with the local police, including PC Taylor.

McCafferty was fined £400 and had six penalty points put on his licence.