Passers-by foil bike theft in London

Armed thieves forced to dump stolen Ducati Panigale S and flee empty-handed

A DAYTIME attempt to steal a Ducati 1199 Panigale S in central London was foiled by passers-by in a dramatic stand-off caught on video.

Andre Goetten, 30, filmed the two armed thieves attempting to steal the high-value sports bikes using an angle grinder and the intervention which saw them leave empty-handed.

A man in motorcycle gear who challenged the pair was threatened by one with hammer, before the second confronted Goetten waving the angle-grinder.

One of the suspects is heard in the video shouting: “If you come at me with that I will kill you.”

But as they try to escape, one on a scooter and other on the Panigale, the motorcyclist shoves the first from behind, causing him to crash into a van. The suspect on the Ducati is surrounded and forced to drop the bike before the pair flee, both on the scooter.

Goetten, a tourist from Brazil, told the Evening Standard: “I wasn’t scared because I’m used to this thing happening where I’m from, but I was surprised to see it happen in London.

“Even in Brazil they wait until the night time before trying to steal any motorbikes."

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Two males, a rider and a pillion passenger, were seen driving around the locations on a moped acting suspiciously.

“They attempted to steal a motorbike in Soho Square and a short while later stole a black Ducati motorbike in Manette Street. The stolen bike was later recovered.

“The suspects are described as white and Mediterranean appearance and aged in their 20s.”