Passers-by foil bike theft in London

Armed thieves forced to dump stolen Ducati Panigale S and flee empty-handed

A DAYTIME attempt to steal a Ducati 1199 Panigale S in central London was foiled by passers-by in a dramatic stand-off caught on video.

Andre Goetten, 30, filmed the two armed thieves attempting to steal the high-value sports bikes using an angle grinder and the intervention which saw them leave empty-handed.

A man in motorcycle gear who challenged the pair was threatened by one with hammer, before the second confronted Goetten waving the angle-grinder.

One of the suspects is heard in the video shouting: “If you come at me with that I will kill you.”

But as they try to escape, one on a scooter and other on the Panigale, the motorcyclist shoves the first from behind, causing him to crash into a van. The suspect on the Ducati is surrounded and forced to drop the bike before the pair flee, both on the scooter.

Goetten, a tourist from Brazil, told the Evening Standard: “I wasn’t scared because I’m used to this thing happening where I’m from, but I was surprised to see it happen in London.

“Even in Brazil they wait until the night time before trying to steal any motorbikes."

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Two males, a rider and a pillion passenger, were seen driving around the locations on a moped acting suspiciously.

“They attempted to steal a motorbike in Soho Square and a short while later stole a black Ducati motorbike in Manette Street. The stolen bike was later recovered.

“The suspects are described as white and Mediterranean appearance and aged in their 20s.”


Sergio Garcia's picture

It is scary, that gangs like this one act at daylight, and nobody does anything.

I don't get it. How do they manage to start the bike so easily ? Grinding the lock I get. Pushing it into a back of a van I'd get. But surely a Ducati would have an immobiliser etc ? It looks from the tail lights and movement that he actually got it started.

They look like the same guys that came at me last month at 5.00am in the street outside my house as i went outside to rescue my KTM. Only there was 6 or 7 of them in all. The lead guy came at me with the same yellow axle grinder just like in the video. They got through my Almax but the immobiliser prevented them from bump starting the bike. They smashed the ignition so the lights were on but it couldn't be started, as I suspect is the case here with the Ducati. Plod turned up in less than 5mins bless 'em - been chasing them across Sth london all night with multiple reports of thefts and burn ups etc. These kids are a menace and there's nothing anyone can do it about it (legally.) Plod is not allowed to pursue them even if they catch them red-handed. Therefore these little shits know they've almost zero chance of being caught for bike theft and everyone knows they'll end up in Feltham sooner or later for dealing or whatever so what do they care? Currently they are roaming the streets of London day and night stealing bikes every day. My bike was damaged twice in 2 weeks despite being parked off road, with a chain, immobiliser, thatcham alarm etc etc. I've had to put it into secure storage and I'm now on the Tube. :( My bike dealer is trying to contact Sadiq Khan about it as he's losing customers every week. It's just too much hassle to be a bike owner in London. My brother lives in Barcelona and people there think you're telling porkies when you try to explain what its like.

Might be worth letting them know you recognise them from this video.

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