Owner crashes world's fastest electric motorcycle

0 to 60 in 0.97 seconds, what did you expect?

THE OWNER and inventor of the electric KillaCycle, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, has been taken to hospital after crashing the bike into a parked car.

Bill Dube was demonstrating the KillaCycle drag bike to the press outside the Wired NextFest conference, a conference for geeks to show off the gadgets of tomorrow. The KillaCycle is capable of 0 to 60mph in just 0.97 seconds.

Dube, who runs the KillaCycle drag bike team - but isn't the team's rider - attempted a burnout in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The burnout started on wet tarmac, but the huge rear tyre edged forward and gripped on dry tarmac, shooting the bike - and Dube - forward into the side of a car.

Dube flew over the bonnet and was left lying in the road. Although unharmed, he was taken to hospital for x-rays.

You can see a video of the crash here and you can see the bike do a rather more successful burnout, followed by an 8.16 second quarter, here.