Oh Sh*t…

Do you know who had this unfortunate crash?

THE rider of a brand new Honda CBR650F had a nasty surprise on Tuesday night in Newbold On Stour, Warwickshire – crashing into a massive pile of manure.

It seems the dung both caused the accident and saved the bike and rider from more serious damage. It was spilled in the road when a tractor and trailer carrying it turned over, and the rider was unable to stop by the time it came into sight. However, the manure brought the bike to a swift halt – still upright – throwing the rider over the bars but also providing a soft, if stinky, landing.

He was apparently uninjured and, once the bike had been pulled free and hosed down by the fire crew that attended the accident, he was able to ride it home.

Are you the mystery Warwickshire rider? If so, we'd like to hear from you, if not smell you.