Now You Can Buy Harley-Davidson Merch With Harley-Davidson Merch

Harley-Davidson has launched its new Ultra credit card in the UK as the only authorised credit card of the famed Milwaukee manufacturer

Harley-Davidson Low Rider El Diablo

The H-D Credit Card has been launched as the only authorised credit card of the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer.

Finances are no new thing to most major manufacturers by now, because most of them offer their motorcycles on finance plans. But a straight-up Harley-Davidson credit card obviously stands out a bit compared to a PCP deal. Harley’ has two cards on offer: Ultra and Classic.

The Ultra card allows its owner to split all their purchases at authorised Harley-Davidson dealers or on the official Harley-Davidson webstore into three interest-free instalments. Benefits of the card include Harley Tyre Care tyre insurance (worth £100) for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, zero-per-cent foreign transaction fees, accelerated points on all purchases and exclusive Harley Owners Group (HOG) member incentives.

The Classic, Harley-Davidson says, “caters specifically to lovers of all things Harley-Davidson and offers a host of benefits designed to enhance your Harley experience including points on every purchase and flexible instalment functionality.”

The most obvious difference between the two cards is that the Classic comes with no annual fee and a representative APR of 29.9 per cent, whereas the Ultra has an annual fee of £120 and a representative APR of 58.29 per cent. 

Those who sign up and make a purchase on their Harley-Davidson Credit Card on or before 5 April 2024 will be entered into a free prize draw to win an authorised tour to the 30th European H.O.G. Rally in Senigallia, Italy scheduled for later this year.

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