Now the stunning retro Kawasaki ZXR900 kit doesn’t have to be green

The Kawasaki ZXR900 custom kit is now available in red and silver... and it just makes us want one more

Kawasaki ZX900RS Custom Kit Japan Legends

WHEN VISORDOWN ran an article about a brilliantly retro modification kit you could purchase for the Kawasaki Z900RS, which effectively turned it into a different bike dubbed the Kawasaki ZXR900, we were inundated with comments and likes across social media.

It’s easy to see why. The work of Spanish custom bike builders Japan Legends, the custom kit effectively turned the Z900RS retro-naked motorbike into a wonderfully classic semi-naked roadster bearing all the hallmarks of a 1989 Kawasaki ZXR. Thus, the Kawasaki ZXR900 was created.

Kawasaki H2 (2019) | Intermot

With its dual headlamps adorning a nose cone borrowed straight from the 80s, a swooping tail unit and a green and blue colour scheme that apes the Kawasaki racing bikes of decades gone by, there is A LOT to love here. 

However – as controversial as it may seem – you don’t ‘have’ to purchase a Kawasaki in its customary green so Japan Legends have grown its kit range with a full black and red silver (pictured) which are slightly cheaper as it doesn’t require the fuel tank to be painted. 

Prices are around £1600 and £2250 for the modifications, plus shipping. Thius includes LED lighting, SLS handlebars, MRA windshield and mirrors.

Of course, debates rage as to whether getting anything other than a green Kawasaki is either sacrilege or promoting individuality, but we’ll leave that up to you. 

Check out this walk-around and – if you have just purchased or ordered a Kawasaki ZX900RS – we suggest popping onto your banking app to check some funds because we have a feeling you are going to want this.

If you aren’t quite flush enough to get either the Kawasaki Z900RS, let alone transform it into a Kawasaki ZXR900, the Japan Legends Facebook page alone is worth following for some wonderfully retro cool posts, not to mention maybe a new update that could well fall into your price bracket.