New petition to free former bike journalist John Cantlie

Petition calls on the Government to ensure the safe return of former motorcycle journalist John Cantlie

A NEW petition is calling on the Government to raise awareness and ensure the safe return of former motorcycle journalist John Cantlie, held captive in Syria by ISIS for over thee years.

Cantlie, who edited Two Wheels Only and Visordown magazine before becoming a war photojournalist, was captured in Syria in November 2012.

He has appeared in ISIS propaganda videos, most recently in February last year.

His plight has won support from the online motorcycle community, with riders retweeting messages from a 'Free John Cantlie' Twitter account.

The petition aims to get the UK Government to secure Cantlie's safe return to the UK. It was launched this week by campaigner Poppy Douglass. It will gain a response from Parliament if it collects 10,000 signatures. If goes on to collect 100,000, it will be considered for debate in the House of Commons. 

So far 115 people have signed it.

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