New COVID-19 Rules could spell trouble for motorcycle events

The UK Government is on the verge of placing further COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings which could result in motorcycle events being affected

British MotoGP at Silverstone

JUST as the UK looked to be moving out of the lockdown that has overshadowed most of 2020, the UK government looks set to introduce further measures to try and halt the spread of COVID-19.

We are waiting for official confirmation of the actual guidelines, Downing Street is said to be holding a press conference this morning, although it looks highly likely that social gatherings of six people or more will be outlawed from Monday, 14th September.

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While organised sporting events, such as motorcycle racing, are likely to be told they can continue, the chances are that spectators attending venues will be ruled out to try and prevent further contagion. The news comes just a few weeks after Oliver’s Mount welcomed spectators, albeit in greatly reduced numbers, to the Barry Sheene Classic in mid-August. That event was a tantalising hint that life might be getting back to normal.

Sadly, if these new rules do indeed confirm the worst for spectators at sporting events, that might have been one of only a handful of chances to see live motorcycle racing you’ll get this year.

The news could also spell bad news for motorcycle trackdays, which, as they are not seen as a professional sporting event, could be seen as a social gathering, unless the government looks upon them kindly given the amount of social distancing that can go in a paddock.

What will the new COVID-19 rules mean?

The new rules, due to be announced today, will apply across all of England, in both private and public spaces. This will include parks, pubs, and also restaurants. It will also prevent groups of more than six people taking part in group sporting activities. New powers will be granted to the police to enable them to disperse gatherings of six people or more.

We will bring you confirmation of the new rules as and when we get the information.