New bike theft initiative from Met police

London feds are back in action against scooter thieves

New bike theft initiative from Met police

London's Metropolitan Police has introduced a new campaign that encourages bike owners to make their rides less visible to thieves.

The 'Be Safe' initiative has a 'Lock, Chain, Cover' message which is rammed home with a video (see below) to make owners aware of simple safety measures that make bikes less attractive to thieves.

According to official stats, 14,000 bikes and scooters were nicked in the Met's area last year with scooter theft up 50 per cent year on year.

The campaign comprises:

  • An online video showing how adding extra security can put thieves off and make a bike ‘invisible’ to them.
  • Social media, digital advertising and stencilling in parking bays to raise awareness of the risks and what riders can do to make their bikes less attractive to steal.
  • Working with insurers, CBT providers and dealerships and manufacturers to promote our message, introduce security awareness at the point of purchase and training to help riders develop long term security behaviours.
  • Speaking to companies that use scooters as delivery vehicles about strategies to improve the safety of their bikes.
  • Working with partners to develop long term preventative measures, such as better provision of ground anchors in parking bays.