MV boss suspected of industrial espionage

MV Agusta managing director, Enrico D’Onofrio investigated over claims from previous role at Ducati

MV AUGUSTA's Enrico D’Onofrio is being investigated over for suspected industrial espionage, unlawful competition and theft during his previous role with Ducati.

D'Onofrio was appointed to managing director of MV Agusta on May 1st this year, after the Italian manufacturer was bought by Harley Davidson last year. He previously held a senior management position with Ducati as Chief Financial Officer and in Proctor & Gamble’s European operations.

On Monday the Guardia di Finanza, Italy's Financial Police, searched D’Onofrio’s office and his home in Varese, Italy. They seized a computer which they believe to contain incriminating files.

According to D’Onofrio’s lawyer, Alessandro Diddi: “My client had not taken any proprietary information, and the only documents he took with him when he left Ducati were available in the public domain. There is nothing that D’Onofrio has used these data to the benefit of the new employer.”

Ducati have yet to comment on the claims.