MV Agusta: no longer cool

Sorry MV, blame Justin Bieber

THE typical MV Agusta buyer is probably not a Justin Bieber fan. No, we haven’t done any in-depth research – call it a gut feeling.

So quite why the firm is publicising the fact that the teenager has been given one for his birthday is something of a mystery. Can’t imagine the average 40-something, affluent male motorcyclist who might be considering one having his buying decision swayed in the firms favour by such a tie-in.

Particularly not when the bike in question has been given an awful ‘Batman’ paintjob. It’s the star’s favourite superhero, apparently…

Anyway, here’s how MV Agusta explains it:

MV Agusta and Motovan Corporation, the Canadian importer of MV Agusta motorcycles, are proud to announce their participation in Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday gift. Today Justin Bieber, who became a pop music sensation with his first hit “One Time”, was presented his own personalized MV Agusta F3 675 as a present from his father Jeremy.

Justin’s father contacted Motovan expressing his desire to give the most prestigious motorcycle in the world to his superstar son for his birthday. Once MV Agusta’s President Giovanni Castiglioni and Motovan Corporation's President James Paladino learned of this request, they were really honoured to be a part of this.

“I would like to thank MV Agusta and Motovan as it has been a pleasure to work with them on this very special project. Their quick response for the delivery of this exclusive Italian motorcycle gave us the time needed to personalize the F3 675 into what it is today” said Jeremy Bieber.

The Canadian designer, Lucent AC, was given the task of personalizing this motorcycle in the theme of Justin Bieber’s favourite superhero, Batman. No detail has been overlooked, from the custom matt black paint and blue illuminated Batman and JB signatures to the specially machined parts. All of which were meticulously crafted in respect to MV Agusta’s exceptional standards and passion for creating Motorcycle Art'

The motorcycle will be on display for the first 2 weeks of March at “The Museum” in Kitchener, Ontario, just outside Justin Bieber’s hometown - if, for some reason, you're interested...