Mum of youth who crashed stolen bike blames police for incident

The mother of a youth who crashed a stolen scooter is blaming the police for the causing the crash

Stolen bike

THE mother of a youth who crashed a stolen scooter while trying to retreat from the police has blamed Greater Manchester Police for the incident!

The bike had been earlier stolen from Denton although it was spotted in nearby Brinnington by officers with the youth in question in the saddle.

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As soon as the rider spotted the police, GMP Stockport reports that the rider attempted to turn the bike around to make good his escape. Sadly, for the rider, his ambition outweighed his talent, and he dropped the bike after getting stuck in the mud. Sadly, again, he made off on foot.

The police, as they are required to do, stayed with the bike, to ensure that it wasn’t picked up again by thieves, only to be confronted by the rider’s mother.

Amazingly, instead of apologising for her son’s behaviour she launched into a tirade of abuse directed at the police officers on the scene. The mother accused the police of causing the crash, simply because they were ‘in the area’!

Sharing the incident on Facebook, GMP Police commented:

“Another stolen bike recovered, stolen from Denton and recovered from Brinnington, after a youth on the stolen bike saw a police vehicle down the street and while turning the bike around to make good his escape, got the bike stuck in the mud and fell off it.

“The youth dusted himself off and made off on foot, whilst the officers remained with the stolen bike.... for moments later, the youth’s mother to turn up and give the officers abuse for being in the area to cause her little cherub to fall off the STOLEN bike.

“You couldn’t make it up!”

You couldn't make it up indeed...