Motorist jailed over sofa biker death

Convicted driver showed little remorse over motorcyclist's death, says judge

A DRIVER who caused the death of a motorcyclist when a sofa fell from the back of his pick-up truck has been jailed for two years.

Anthony Barnes was jailed yesterday for causing death by dangerous driving following a collision in Peterborough which claimed the life biker Darren Wildman.

34-year-old Barnes had denied being responsible for Wildman's death on the A1139 Fletton Parkway in June last year, but was found guilty by jury.

Peterborough Crown Court Judge Sean Enright said that Barnes of Stamford, had "hollow remorse" for Wildman.

Enright said: "As to remorse, I watched you very carefully during the trial and watched what you said.

"I do find your expression of remorse in the pre-sentence report a little hollow.

"In my view Mr Wildman was riding his bike responsibly and demonstrated concern for others that you did not."
Barnes was also banned from driving for two years and must take an extended driving test before he is allowed on the road again.