Motorcyclist who undertook car gets eight points and £600 fine

‘The fine, costs and penalty points he incurred should act as a deterrent to all road users’

A MOTORCYCLIST caught undertaking a car has been ordered to pay £885 and given eight penalty points.

Geoff O’Grady was spotted by police undertaking a car on the A14 in March last year.

The 27-year-old motorcyclist used the dual carriageway’s middle lane to undertake before immediately pulling back into the outside lane.

Police say he also accelerated to 95mph after the manoeuvre.

Officers turned on their sirens, at which point the rider cut across two lanes of traffic to pull into a BP garage.

O’Grady, from Virginia Water, Surrey, refused to accept a fixed penalty fine and points for careless riding and was summonsed to Peterbough Magistrates’ Court, where the case was heard in his absence last Friday.

He was fined £600 for riding without reasonable consideration to other road users and ordered to pay £225 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. He was also given eight penalty points on his licence.

Roads Policing Unit officer Mark Lappin said: ‘The rider put himself and other road users in danger through his careless actions.

‘The fine, costs and penalty points he incurred should act as a deterrent to all road users.’

The video footage was released today by Cambridgeshire Police who wrote: ‘This under-take manoeuvre and the subsequent acceleration to 95mph on ?the A14 cost this motorcyclist £885 and 8 points.’

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