Motorcyclist gets visit from Ross Noble after crash

Comedian surprises teenager who crashed on way to meet him

A TEENAGER who crashed his motorcycle on the way to meet Ross Noble got a surprise when the comedian turned up at his house the next day.

Keen motorcyclist Noble read about 19-year-old Alex Potton’s crash in the local press and went to visit him at his home.

The pair had been due to meet as part of Noble’s TV show Freewheeling, which sees him riding across the country following suggestions from his 500,000 Twitter followers.

But aspiring comedian Potton, from Northampton, crashed and suffered a fractured right arm on his way to the meeting in the town on Thursday.

He was treated at Northampton General Hospital and went home later that day thinking he’d missed his chance to meet the comedian, only to find Noble peeping through is letterbox on Friday.

Potton said: ‘I was sitting having dinner with my mum when we heard a motorbike rumble outside.

‘Jokingly I turned to my mum and said, “Let me guess, Ross Noble has turned up now”... and as I peered out of the window it turned out he actually had turned up with his whole camera crew, who were now on my lawn.

‘Seconds later Ross Noble is peeping through my letterbox!

‘It was pretty surreal and I was quite nervous standing in my hallway with arms in slings, cuts on my face whilst being in front of one of my favourite comedians and an entire camera crew who were rolling! It was an amazing experience.

‘He asked me how I was, we tried to shake hands which was obviously problematic for me, so we opted to shake feet instead.

‘He asked to come in then ran me through his idea for what we were doing, then he sat on my couch next to me and we filmed a little scene, which I won’t give away so it doesn’t spoil it when it goes out.'

Freewheeling will be broadcast on Dave this Autumn.