Motorcycle-mounted aquarium thieves tank at escaping police

Possible contenders for America's Thickest Thieves?

Motorcycle-mounted aquarium thieves tank at escaping police

MOTORCYCLE THEFT is a huge problem in England, with thieves stealing bikes to joyride and often use in ‘snatch and grabs’.

And it seems it’s as big an issue on the other side of the pond, although the crimes are slightly more peculiar.

On Monday morning, Niles Police Department in Ohio received a call from a pet shop stating that two men on a motorcycle had stolen a large fish tank. It wasn’t hard for a responding officer to spot the pair, with the sportsbike passenger precariously balancing the large box on his lap.

After the officer gave chase, the pillion passenger jumped from the bike and attempted to escape, smashing the tank in the process. He was detained and placed in custody.

As if the story couldn’t get any stranger, the rider abandoned his motorcycle and took refuge in a nearby garden, where he began to furiously prune a small tree with his bare hands. When officers arrived, he told them he was there to do yard work, and was even kind enough to tell them the suspects ran east on Franklin.

Unfortunately, the cops didn’t buy his tall tale, and arrested him, and charged both with theft offences and the rider with multiple traffic charges including failure to comply (fleeing and eluding).

So there you have it kids, don’t do drugs and ride…

(N.B. We don’t actually know if the pair were on drugs, but how else would you explain this bizarre sequence of events?)