Motorcycle Journalist heads to Ukraine on two wheels

Motorcycle journalist and photographer Neale Bayly is heading into Ukraine on two wheels to document the plight of the people in the warzone

Neale Bayly's press ID card for his Ukraine trip

A well-known and very well-respected motorcycle journalist is heading into Ukraine to document the war as it continues past 130-days since Vladimir Putin began his ‘special operation’.

Neale Bayly normally writes for American publications, although has on some occasions supplied Visordown with images and information, such as here with the Pierre Terblanche ‘Mono’ concept. Now though Neale is heading out of the office and into the combat zone, as he and fellow British photojournalist Kiran Ridley head into the war-torn country to capture the plight of the Ukrainian people.

The journey will not only provide the two riders with an insight into the day-to-day lives of the Ukrainian people, but Neale will also be raising funds for victims of the war through the Wellspring International Outreach foundation. Neale set up the foundation some time ago, with a view to helping poverty-stricken children in South America, although with the war in Eastern Europe still raging on, his sights are now set on helping people a little closer to home.

Explaining the trip on his Instagram page last week, Neale wrote:

‘Today I leave to start my journey to ride into Ukraine. I will be posting more as it unfolds. We will be raising money through my foundation and the link will stay in my bio. All money will go to the victims of this war. #ukraine #nealebaylyrides #nowar’

Neale and Kiran have been set up with a pair of BMW F 850 GS Adventures for the trip, complete with ADV luggage and plenty of crash protection.

All at Visordown wish the pair safe travels on their journey.

You can follow Neale’s trip here:

To find out more about the Wellspring International Outreach foundation, head to: