Motorcycle Gear: Fakes Exist. Don't be Fooled by Them.

Tip's on how to avoid getting done over this summer.

Motorcycle gear

With summer just under a month away, you may be thinking to treat yourself with some new kit. And rightly so. But, don’t get caught out by the fakes that float around Ebay and other dark parts of the web. Just because it’s leather it doesn't mean it’s legit. 

Get your gear direct from a reputable seller and brands you trust.

How to avoid fake gear:

  • Feel the weight of the kit (more weight is a good sign of quality)
  • Look for removable armour (as armour degrades over time and must be replaced)
  • For clothing always look for the CE approval marking on the label
  • Good tidy stitching means it’s built for purpose and is durable
  • Is the price too good to be true? Likely a fake.
  • Don’t ever buy a second-hand helmet (scammer alert)

Fake Britain tells us more below:

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