Motorcycle and horse perform unlikely dressage display

One horsepower versus one hundred...

Horse motorcycle dressage

A HORSE and a motorcycle formed an unlikely display team for a fundraiser for a Cornish riding club on 23 November.

Eleven-year-old Austyn Perry performed the display on his horse Chyvounder Night Fever, while his mother’s partner, Phil Stocker, joined in on his motocross bike.   

His mother, Verity Perry told Horse and Hounds that she has run the fundraiser for riding club Cornwall Trek every year since 2012.

“I’m a motorbike rider too, and my son’s desperate to be, and I said: ‘Wouldn’t it be brilliant to do a display with a bike and a pony?’” she said.

“The pony’s 17 and a bit of a superstar. Austyn came fifth on him at the riding club national championships in the dressage to music, so we used that test, and the motorbike mirrored it.”

She explained that a lot of training went into the surprise display.

“The pony was happy from the start really, but we wanted to make sure he was 100% with the bike,” Verity said.

“My partner rides a bit but he’s never done a dressage test on a horse, let alone a motorbike!”