Motorcycle ABS compulsory from 2016

Think you're good at braking? EU ministers don't think you're good enough.

THE EU have voted in favour of mandatory ABS for new motorcycles over 125cc from 2016.

The vote was a landslide victory for ABS and the ministers and companies who have lobbied for its introduction with 643 in favour, 16 against and 18 abstentions.

The rules must still be approved by the Council of Ministers and the UK could still vote against it, citing the disproportionate costs of implementation.

While members of the EU parliament wanted compulsory ABS on all motorcycles, they backtracked after motorcycles manufacturers and the wider industry highlighted the proportional cost of ABS when fitted to a lower-capacity motorcycle. ABS currently costs between £300-500 which could add up to 25% more to the cost of a typical entry-level 125.

The introduction of mandatory ABS is aimed at cutting motorcycles accidents but our well-being isn't the only consideration; some companies are set to gain financially too. Manufacturers of ABS systems have forecasted huge rises in profits when the new legislation comes in, which is why some ABS manufacturers have been lobbying government and the press for years in the run up to this vote.