Moto Guzzi launches V7 customising kits

Guzzi goes all Ducati Scrambler on us

MOTO Guzzi will be launching customising kits for its V7 range this month.

There are currently four kits available which let you change the style of your V7 Stone or Special into a 'Scrambler', a matte black ‘Dark Rider’ or a chromed out ‘Dapper’ model.

There’s also a ‘Legend’ style, which comes with an olive green or camouflage fairing and tank kit, natural leather tool bags, off-road tyres and a two-into-one high-mounted exhaust.

However, Moto Guzzi won’t supply the kit as a factory fitted option. If you’re a new customer, you’ll have to buy a new V7 Stone (£6,799) or Special (£6,999) and then purchase the kit separately, or individual parts from the set, to replace the stock parts on the new bike.

Visordown has contacted Moto Guzzi owner, Piaggio, for a full price list.

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