Most pointless world record yet?

Riding in circles. Backwards

MARK Van Driel of 2 Bros Racing has ridden into the Guinness Book of Records. Backwards. In circles.

Yep, he’s taken the record for the most ‘switchback zero rotations’ in one minute. Now over here at Visordown we thought we’d come across most things to do with bikes, but that particular trick sent even us off to Google to find out more. Apparently it involves riding in circles while sitting backwards without touching the bars. Mark managed 13 of them. Which is difficult, presumably.

He did it for CBBC show Officially Amazing, so you can expect to see the record breaking run on TV at some stage. Or your kids might, anyway. However, since there was no official record before his attempt (just an unofficial record of 12 in a minute), it’s hard to put this one in perspective.

The Michelin-sponsored ZX636R rider said: “With terrible weather on the day of the attempt, I wasn’t sure what we would be able to achieve. Fortunately my stunt bike is fitted with Michelin’s Pilot Road 3 tyres, offering superb grip and stability – even when riding a bike backwards on wet concrete! Safety is absolutely critical to me whether I’m performing stunts or just enjoying being on the road, and the Pilot Road 3s go a long way to ensuring that safety margins are maximised.”

So, if you’re riding backwards on concrete in the wet, you know which tyres to choose.*

*Although we haven’t tried it on other tyres, so maybe you don’t.